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Online Counselling

How it works?

Counselling online is available using either Zoom or Skype™ online services. 

For Zoom you do not need an account - your therapist will email you a link to join a private session. Accessing the link will download some client software to your device which enables you to join our private video meeting room.

For Skype you will need to set-up your own free Skype™ account (click here).

If you prefer to talk without a visual link then the camera can be turned off (although it is best to use the camera with this service)

When to consider online counselling?:

  • If you are in a remote location and find it difficult to travel to our venue

  • If the nature of your psychological or physical difficulties makes it difficult for you to leave the house

  • If you are uncomfortable meeting in an unfamiliar environment

  • If you are under time pressure (​no need to travel for counselling)

  • If you are away from home from time to time, you don’t have to miss your session - just need an internet connection, your device and a private space

  • If you have high levels of social anxiety and want to work on this, maybe start by counselling online with a view to moving to face to face as part of the therapy

When not to consider online counselling?:

  • If you are experiencing profound mental health issues and/or feeling suicidal. (Please contact your GP or local hospital without delay.  Alternatively contact the Samaritans by telephone 116 123 or online at

  • If you do not have access to a private and confidential space. You need to be able to talk openly and freely without being overheard

  • Isolation may become an issue when dealing with emotional difficulties

  • Some find online counselling too 'cold' and distant and find the therapeutic relationship feels more authentic when in the room, face to face 

  • Some believe the more subtle dynamic aspects of the therapeutic relationship require being in the room with the counsellor



Before proceeding further please click the link below, "Points to consider", for more detailed information on the implications and requirements for online counselling.

Remember, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to get In touch

Online Counselling: Service
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