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Individual Therapy

Every session as unique as you

Chances are, you have arrived at this page for an important reason.

Is your life in crisis?  Under the grip of anxiety or panic?  Weighed down by depression or feelings of despair and sadness?  Financial worries, work-related stress, redundancy, unemployment, family stress? Have you lost a loved one or are you struggling to adapt to another devastating change in your life?  Is your life being ruined by  persistent memories from previous trauma, even going all the way back to childhood?  No one to talk to?  No where to turn?

Sooner or later, life can stop even the most resilient of us in our tracks.  Leaving us feeling stuck and without clue of how to move on. 


Even without such an immediate or obvious life event, you may have lost your way, lost the pleasure you once experienced in life.  Maybe it seems like you've felt that way for as long as you can remember? Do you feel stuck, at an impasse?

As we move on through different life stages our wants, needs, responsibilities and interests shift.  The roles and identities we once associated with change and before we know it we can become lost. 

Just a few examples include leaving university, the kids growing up and leaving home ("empty nest"), ageing and retirement.  Not to mention the legendary 'mid-life crisis' which, despite being the butt of many a joke, is very real (and isn't necessarily all bad - they say that the first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest!)

In all of these areas counselling can offer a unique helping hand - or even a life-line.  It's never too late and you are never too old or young to benefit from discreet, confidential professional help. 

For a description of my therapeutic style please refer to my 'How I Work' page  Also I recommend you look at the EMDR and Mindfulness pages.  You may then wish to consider getting in touch and we can have a chat.  It's good to talk! 

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