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 Young Woman Contemplating

Modern living, social media and perfectionism

Virtual Insanity

In this 24/7 digital age of social media, image pressure, consumerism and economic uncertainty, it is no coincidence that increasing numbers of young adults are seeking counselling. 


Those born between 1980 to 2000 (broadly classified as "millennials") face different, and in many ways, greater life pressures than previous generations.  The impact of the erosion of employment security, pension rights and the increase of education and housing costs are starting to show.  Connections are being made between increased competition in the workplace and cultural issues such as social media with debilitating levels of perfectionism.  Actually referred to as "socially prescribed perfectionism" where the function is to secure approval of others and avoiding their negative judgement.  This is particularly problematic as it is based on needing approval and validation of others.

 Counselling involves framing our difficulties in the social and cultural context that they are occurring in.  

Modern life, social media and perfectionism: Services
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