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The stages of life

How the past shapes the present.  How the present shapes the future

The connection of past, present and future. 

Psychological developmental theory offers an explanation of how our past experiences fundamentally shape our present reality; a process that continues throughout our life journey. 


Models of personality development such as Attachment Theory (Bowlby) and Transactional Analysis (Berne) are very helpful in explaining how we become psychologically shaped by our early life experiences.  Erik Erikson in the 1950's developed a Life Cycle model that breaks the full human lifespan into eight stages  from infancy to old age.

Each life stage brings its own challenges and developmental crisis which may have a positive or negative effect on personality development.  A negative outcome can effect self esteem and leave us feeling lost and unfulfilled.  However, when successfully confronted and integrated we can positively move forward - even with an increased zest for life that comes though the process of understanding and acceptance.

A role of therapy is to resolve difficulties from earlier life stages.  This often means working on past trauma by either processing it, coming to terms with it or letting it go.  The path taken in therapy depends on you - see ‘How I work’ page for an overview of how I will blend together leading therapeutic styles in a way that will work for you. 

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